Peter was born in South Wales, where his earliest memories involve exploring the mining landscape that punctuated the rolling woodlands and valleys, instilling in him a love for the intersection between the industrial and the natural world.
He received his first camera at the age of 12; it quickly became his principal tool of creativity. However, his interest in the confluence of the built environment and nature led him to study architecture. Completing his architectural qualifications in 2006, Peter gravitated towards projects harmonizing architecture and landscape. He has continued to explore photography and its role in creative engagement with clients and project development.
In 2019, he established his architectural studio focusing on landscape design of all scales and small architectural projects. Photography is a central part of the studio's design and research process, serving as a means of exploring the historical context, the present status, and the future possibilities of nature, place, and community.​​​​​​​
In 2024, Peter's focus is to develop ongoing photographic projects: 'MAGNOX', a research project documenting the changing landscapes of the atomic age, and 'Zahlensender-Rundfunk', exploring the impact of infrastructure on the landscape as tools of political propaganda within communist East Germany. Both projects examine buildings and landscapes as they face changes in the context of rapidly shifting environmental, technological, and social conditions.
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