Peter Jake Williams
Number Station G03 / Zahlensender G03

This photograph has been selected for exhibition at the Summer Exhibition 2024 at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly, London, from 18 June to 18 August.
The photograph is part of a project documenting the social and propaganda infrastructure of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The ongoing project is titled ‘Zahlensender-Rundfunk’.
This photograph captures the first prototype shortwave rotational transmitter, built in 1964 by the GDR and located at Dechtower Dyke. It was in operation until the end of the Cold War, with its last transmission on 9 May 1990.
Alameda Point Liminality

I am honoured that this photo, taken earlier in 2024 at Alameda Point, California, will be on exhibition from 26 April to 5 May at Gareth Gardner Gallery in Deptford, as part of a digital presentation at the centre of the gallery.

Ⓒ Peter Jake Williams 2024